my office CREATIVE ARTIST A boundless expression of all interactions of life, through an experimental approach with a mixture of influences and tools. empty canvasses CUSTOM WORKSHOPS An empty canvas: what do you choose to show? Share your perspective with family or friends. Create more than just a painting! corporate training image CORPORATE TRAININGS Plunge into a variety of creative and challenging exercises that will inspire and motivate you as an individual and as a team.

Marie Renée Hoeks

After finishing the Art Academy in Utrecht, Marie Renée worked as a designer in the fashion industry. Operating on an international scale, she was startled by the extent of miscommunication and lack of understanding between individuals coming from different backgrounds. Driven to resolve these problems, Marie Renée focused on using creative expression as a tool to remedy miscommunication and lift the barriers that divide individuals.

"Although it might sound cliché, my work really ís my life. Not in a workaholic kind of way, but rather by seeing everything as new inspiration for my artwork. As a result, my art is a clear reflection of my own feelings and thoughts. As these thoughts diverge from nature and its animals, to people and its interactions from day to day, so do my projects. I don't feel the need to choose between my passions, you more often find them intertwined in my creations."

"I believe creativity is the most pure, honest and challenging way to connect people and reset the mind, while having fun. This is why I love giving these workshops and trainings. There are many parallels between the way individuals face a creative confrontation and the way they handle challenges on the work floor. The corporate training is about highlighting these similarities and finding the difference between 'looking' and 'seeing'. I guarantee you go back to work with a renewed vision and passion!"

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