Stories in Green

The idea behind these paintings is the desire to trust, hug and embrace all people. Society is mostly governed by individuals in all their diversities. The good and the bad camouflaged in a blurry entourage of ideologies. Who are you; who am I? We are all people living together for some time.. With this work I want to visualise this feeling. If it makes people think, all the better.

Series: Mixed Stories, Coloured Stories, Black Stories in Red, White stories in Red, Stories in Blue, Stories in Green.

White Stories told by white people are different than Coloured Stories told by coloured people. I do not want to judge about these stories. I just want to say that these differences are interesting. They make me think, they make me cry and they make me happy. The diversity of people can be so powerful, beautiful, creative and innovative. However, a good dose of empathy, tolerance, respect and humor will undeniably be required. Personally I think it is much more interesting to have a mixed, diverse community with different ideas, fashion, music, thoughts and appearances. This is why I love Amsterdam. Here, people from all kinds of backgrounds live together. Sometimes the friction calls for a search for good balance, but mostly, the colour and diversity spark creativity.

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Price € 275,-

H x W 33 cm x 27 cm

Tag: acrylic / framed / mixed / painting / paper / passe-partout


Stories in Green