In this series the Cow has an almost humane radiance: "arrogant, angry, smart, shy or bullish; the cow looks you straight into the eyes". For more than a year I sat in the fields and barns all over Europe and Texas to paint and study cows. Soon I found out all cows are very unique, with their own set of characteristics. Just like humans, cows can be shy, bossy or curious, and so, just like humans, they make for great models. That was my challenge: to show these characters, expressions, brush and color. I vividly remember the connection between theses 'models’ and myself. It's not a big difference compared to human models. It's all about challenge, expression and interaction. More of these ’Characters’ can be seen in my studio in Amsterdam.

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Price € 4000,-

H x W 130 cm x 130 cm

Tag: framed / oil / painting




New Born


Baby girl